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Thursday, September 21, 2017
Delivery Cash   Basis Month Futures
Sep-17 $3.21   -0.29 Z17Dec 3.5025
O/N-17 $3.15   -0.35 Z17Dec 3.5025
Dec-17 $3.21   -0.29 Z17Dec 3.5025
Jan-18 $3.28   -0.35 H18Mar 3.6300
Feb-18 $3.30   -0.33 H18Mar 3.6300
Mar-18 $3.32   -0.31 H18Mar 3.6300
Apr-18 $3.36   -0.35 K18May 3.7125
May-18 $3.38   -0.33 K18May 3.7125
Jun-18 $3.43   -0.35 N18Jul 3.7800
Jul-18 $3.45   -0.33 N18Jul 3.7800
Aug-18 $3.50   -0.35 U18Sep 3.8475
Sep-18 $3.50   -0.35 U18Sep 3.8475
O/N-18 $3.57   -0.37 Z18Dec 3.9350



Market Comments:
Major technical parameters in play amongst multiple markets. Wheat touching key resistance of $4.55 and soybeans hammering against the 200 day moving average. The Dollar failing against the down trend, with oil moving above its downtrend along with the Dow making record highs. Corn needs to break above the $3.57/$3.62 area to capture momentum with $3.4425 key support. The official beginning of the end of quantitative easing should bring about a revaluation of fund allocation—Perhaps commodities as a longer term bet against inflation; However, Fundamentals within the grains ultimately will determine the immediate price direction with the current production status the underlying variable.













*DFS will accept Syngenta's Agrisure Duracade for delivery during the 2014/2015 marketing year in Newell and Nemaha. Please inform Bruce Kempf or Don Loving of your intent to deliver Duracade prior to delivery.



 These bids are subject to change without notice. Contact DFS Inc. for up-to-date bids. 712-272-4114 or 866-833-9886