DFS began as Don’s Farm Supply, Inc., founded by Don and Doris Kier in December 1970 and operated out of a vacant 7-Up warehouse in Newell. Don Kier quickly developed a reputation for strong customer service and out-of-the-box thinking, setting the stage to change the landscape for the Northwest Iowa feed industry.
Due to the innovative nature of the company, Don’s Farm Supply became an integral part of the many changes coming upon animal agriculture in the 1970’s. Don built the first modified open front confinement building for Northern Iowa, and Don’s Farm Supply soon became the hub for modern hog production. In 1977, a high volume grind and mix mill was built and the company began formulating its own diets under the Nutra Mix brand name. By the early 1980’s, a small pellet line was added and soon the company found itself competing against many major feed companies.


Don’s Farm Supply grew rapidly during the 1980’s, and although feed was made for all species (even fox at one time), pork was the primary animal served. By 1986 the feed mill was operating 24 hours a day and began mixing meal turkey feeds. In that year they decided to build a larger feed mill with a 200 horsepower pelleter and automation. This mill began production in February of 1987. 


In 1992, Don and Doris Kier retired and passed the business on to their son, David. Since its beginning Don’s Farm Supply has enjoyed double digit growth as output grew from 27,000 tons in 1987 to 139,000 tons in 1998. Reaching capacity once again, the company built a new concrete feed mill with a capacity of 400,000 tons. 


In 2001, the company became ISO certified, the first in North America, signaling to the industry its strong commitment to quality. In 2002, the name of the company was changed to DFS, Inc. as it exited the equipment, seed and building business to focus on feed production. Their interest in quality led to the addition of NIR (Near Infrared) equipment and the development of equations for determining nutrient values of ingredients. Today, DFS is known for holding some of the most robust NIR equations in the nation.

In 2006, Farmers Options and Hedging Services in Newell was purchased by DFS, and the name was changed to Market 1 with Nathan, David’s son, as President. No longer only a risk management company, Market 1 now procures ingredients for not only DFS but other mills across the state. A subdivision, Insight, was later established to house their lab and nutrition activities. Today, the home office for Market 1 is located in Johnston, Iowa while still housing part of its activities in Newell and Harlan.


March 2012, DFS expanded its reach in Iowa by purchasing Nutri-Tech Feeds and the Quad County Grain Company, both in Oskaloosa, Iowa. Nutri-Tech Feeds is a mill similar to the large mill in Newell with a capacity of 500,000 tons and one 400 horsepower pellet line, with room available for expansion. Quad County Grain has total grain storage capacity of 5.8 million bushels. Both companies are now called “DFS Oskaloosa.”

In July 2012, DFS continued its growth plan by purchasing the assets of Nemaha Milling in Nemaha, Iowa. With this acquisition, DFS has put together the capabilities to produce an additional 250,000 tons of finished feed and originate over 3 million additional bushels of grain. This location is now called "DFS Nemaha."

Today DFS has expanded its output capacity to more than 1.5 million tons out of all four locations and procures more than 26 million bushels of corn. Most important, DFS employs more than 125+ hard-working men and women who are committed to providing the very best products and services to their customers.

The company continues to be driven by a single mission:

“It is the desire of DFS, Inc to be an indispensable ally in delivering value through knowledge, honoring God in all that we do."