DFS Nemaha Campus

  • 1.2 million bushels grain
  • Procure 50,000-100,000 bu. of soybeans
  • 650,000 in upright, the rest in flat storage
  • 125,000 tons of feed
  • Corn needed 2.5 mil bu. needed
  • Grain Merchandiser Manager: Bruce Kempf
  • Grain Merchandisers: Don Loving

With this acquisition DFS has put together the capabilities to produce an additional 250,000 tons of finished feed and originate over 3.0 million additional bushels of grain. This location is now called “DFS Nemaha.”

Today DFS has expanded feed tonnage capacity to more than 1.5 million tons out of all four locations and procures more than 26 million bushels of corn. Most important is that DFS employs 125+ hardworking men and women who are committed to providing the very best of products and services to their customers.

Driving the entire company is its mission statement which reads:

“It is the desire of DFS, Inc to be an indispensable ally in delivering value through knowledge, honoring God in all that we do."