DFS Newell Campus

  • 2.8 million bushels of grain storage
  • 700,000 tons of feed
  • Own 2 grain hopper trailers
  • Annual Corn Usage: 15 mil bu.
  • Grain Merchandiser Manager:┬áBruce Kempf
  • Grain Merchandiser: Don Loving

In 2001, the company became ISO certified, the first in North America, signaling to the industry its strong commitment to quality. In 2002, the name of the company was changed to DFS, Inc. as it exited the equipment, seed and building business to focus on feed production. Their interest in quality led to the addition of NIR (Near Infrared) equipment and the development of equations for determining nutrient values of ingredients. Today, DFS is known for holding some of the most robust NIR equations in the nation.